It Floats!

We took a chance. We tried something out.

And it worked.


by Pete Ferguson

And then five girls took it over. Good work, Mark, Your first chick magnet.

I remember the day I got engaged. That was a huge jump. It was scary, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have a financial plan to support my bride to be. But I had faith I could figure it out along the way.

I also remember bringing Mark home from the hospital after several scary days at the hospital. He was so little, so helpless, and now the pressure mounted for me to provide as a husband AND a father. I remember wondering if he’d even like me when he turned 16.

Then we brought home Amber, and Abbie, and Ashley. Then Miles.

This year I went to a two-day coaching seminar to learn how to run a coaching business. I felt like I was breaking some kind of rule as I flew out to Franklin, Tennessee.

It was definitely stretching beyond my comfort zone. But two days later, seeing Dan Miller’s Sanctuary disappear in the rear view mirror felt like I was leaving home. I can’t wait to get back.

Starting my job at my current company was scary too. I was leaving a four-year degree and three years of career experience in Communications, Public Relations, to be in Security. My dad would call often, “when are you going to go back to school, when are you going to get a real job?”

Years later I arrived in Hong Kong on Business Class. My dad stopped asking when I’d get a real job.

Taking on Asia was a huge leap as well. I found myself in India my first week, surrounded people who did not look like me, did not talk like me, did not think like me.

But I quickly found that like me, they also “feel.” They feel scared, they feel insecure. Then we felt hopeful, then we felt secure as we worked together to create a more safe and secure work environment by each understanding that it takes a Tribe to make things happen.

The first jump is the hardest. The most exhilarating.

But then comes the work, and we forget that adrenaline rush. And we start to get bogged down with all the details which consume our time. Then someone who hasn’t been involved in the process stops in and says, “dang, that looks really good.” And then you realize:

It floats!

Learn: What have you been waiting to do? What are all the reasons you should or shouldn’t do it?

Act: Time to jump. Just do it!

Share: Talk to others about what kept you from making a leap. Talk to others who have made the leap you fear to take.

P.S. The raft is still afloat. The girls pirated it away, but I fear they abandoned ship and I’ll have to go find it tonight and bring it home.


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