Will it Float?!?

20120718-174114.jpgby Pete Ferguson

Hope Floats. Checks Float. Boats Float.

But what about a 4X4 piece of particle board with 30 milk jugs sealed with air and 10 two liter bottles tied to it?

My 14-year old son, Mark, dreamt it up. It is for a “recycle regatta” we are having with a youth group tonight and while I’m sure there is a physics formula that will tell you how much weight one gallon of air will support in water, we are going to dispense with science and go for “gut feel.”

We may be right on. We may be terribly off. No lives will be lost either way, so we are just going to fail forward fast and make adjustments along the way.

Often in business, we want to take the time to put together committees, test market ideas and take several months – or years – to “get it right.”

This project took 15 minutes of sorting through a dumpster and two months of collecting milk and soda jugs. Then last night it took about an hour to string together and it will hopefully create a “remember when” rocking chair moment.

What have you been contemplating for far too long?

I dare you to just push it out there and see if it floats!


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