Why Drive a Ford Taurus When You Can Drive a Jag?

I believe that Life will give what you ask of it. When given the choice, I’d much rather drive a Jaguar over a Ford Taurus.

by Pete Ferguson

My wife and I have yet to buy a car in a calculated manner. I’m always thinking what I would like to drive next, occasionally I’ll even test drive and price something out, but to date every car we’ve purchased was a 24-hour decision.

My current car, a Jaguar X-Type 3.0, was one of these purchases. Our SUV had to go into the shop for several days unannounced, and it was during the school year so Steph was going to need to get kids to dance, piano, and school activities. She called me on a Monday afternoon in a panic around 1 pm and told me she was car shopping.

After a long evening of test driving multiple cars, at 8:30 pm we were resigned that a Ford Taurus was going to be the best deal we could get in our now adjusted cash budget.

I was currently driving a 2005 Ford Focus and would be upgrading to a 2006 Ford Taurus. Same interior design. Same interior colors. Larger engine, but larger car, so very little performance increase. To say I was not thrilled is a major understatement.

We had a handshake deal for the exact amount we’d be writing the check for and I told our former neighbor and salesman to get it cleaned and paper work ready, Steph and I were going to grab a burger and be right back.

On the way to grab the food, I was completely disheartened, but trying to be realistic. I knew I’d probably be driving the Taurus for another 5-6 years and not at all excited by it. But in digging out of a mountain of debt years ago, I’ve tried to overcome my “stuff-itis” – my desire for “stuff.”

I expressed my discontent with Steph and she reminded me that we had walked past a Jaguar several times on the lot. We’d ignored it because it hadn’t been in our price range, but I did recall it was the same year and mileage as the Taurus. We discussed where we could reallocate the money and agreed that if we could get the manager to come down to only $2,500 more we’d do the deal.

I quickly pulled out my iPad and researched the car to make sure it wasn’t a lemmon and what I should pay.

Completely focused, and resigned to not wanting to drive a bigger Ford Focus (Taurus) with all cloth interior and tan interior, I went straight into the manager’s office and said:

“You have a Jaguar on your lot you want to sell me tonight. It is the second to last day of the month and you and I both know your chances of selling a car on a Tuesday are slim to none. I know you want to sell me that Jag for $2,500 more than the Taurus.”

He sat back and smiled, but then retorted with how great a Jag is, how clean this one was, and that he’d just got it in and didn’t expect it to last long.

I was persistant, and determined. I reminded him that I would be writing a check and I was ready to leave and go into Salt Lake the next day if he didn’t want to make a deal.

All of the bargaining skills I’d learned on the streets of India, China, Malaysia, and Singapore kicked in. We bantered back and forth, but he could see I wasn’t about to budge – and I could see he was willing to sell.

And so now I drive a leather wrapped peppy V-6 3.0 all wheel drive Jaguar with a 320-watt sound system instead of a Ford Taurus, and I love every minute of it!

The persistence to win goes well beyond cars. As I’ve paid attention to the desire for excellence and what it takes to achieve dreams and follow my passion, I’ve been inspired with how with a bit of hard work, faith and luck, the right resources, connections, and timing have fallen into place at the right time. Call it providence, I call it divine intervention.

But when life hands you a Ford Taurus, drive off with a Jaguar instead!

Learn: What do you think is just out of reach? Is it really out of reach or is your perception of what is available skewed?

Act: What would it take to achieve your goal? Write down the obstacles. Think about who you know who could help you overcome the obstacles and set up time for a lunch or coffee.

Share: Be available to help others acheive their goals. You both win!


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