Do Something Different – Dare To Be Yourself!

Perhaps like me you have always thought a goat’s place is on the ground and a monkey’s place is in the trees. What if you are a goat who likes to climb trees?

by Pete Ferguson

We’ll call today “Dare to Be Different” Friday. I saw this picture and it gave me a good laugh.

In looking at a problem, do you only see answers A & B?

A. Goats ran out of food, they will starve.

B. We must cultivate a charity and seek donations to harvest the berries and import bails of hay so the goats do not starve.

Or are you good at coming up with option C & D & E …

According to the “Wild for Wildlife” Facebook page:

“The Tamri Goat, a breed in Morocco, masters the art of tree climbing. The goat learn the skill due to the scarcity of flora and food. The goats supposedly love to eat the berries of Argan trees. But those fruits are forbidden due to the height until goats learn how to climb the trees to access the fruit.”

Smart goats. No longer hungry, now they enjoy berries once they have mastered tree climbing and it doesn’t require any government or charity assistance. Hungry goat climbs the tree and eats!

What is limiting you today?

Have you considered climbing the tree?

Happy Friday!

Learn: What self-limiting beliefs are holding you back?

Act: Brainstorm 20-30 ways you could overcome the self-limiting belief.

Share: Talk to others about possible solutions for you – and for them to overcome their self-limiting belief.


Wild for Wildlife and Nature Facebook Page


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