Free Cup of Coffee and a Mercedes Benz

Too often we underestimate our value to others and as a result we do not engage at the level of our true potential. When we discount the cost (emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial) of what we provide, we also discount the value of what we can provide.

by Pete Ferguson

I was related the following story about a woman who flew to Germany to take possession of a Mercedes Benz from the factory store.

When she arrived at the factory show room, several of the staff, including engineers and assemblymen, gathered around to walk her through the various features of the automobile and pointed out the quality and craftsmanship of the high end machine.

At the end of the instruction and demonstration, the staff were very excited and proud about presenting the woman with her keys and a complimentary cup of coffee.

She had just spent several thousand dollars flying to Germany, would be paying the export tax and shipping and would still be paying full price for the auto and they were excited by something she would likely get for free at the airport lounge.

As she stood in front of all the smiling and excited faces and accepted the coffee, she later related to the luggage store manager that it hit her – these people were thrilled about the fine quality of the vehicle.

They were confident they were delivering the best product possible. And they wanted to show their hospitality by presenting her with a cup of coffee – and then all waited and watched as she drank it.

Are you confident in the value of the products you provide? Or do you feel apologetic when it comes to discussing price? Do you have to provide a lot of “gee wiz” to promote yourself? Or are you confident that what you offer is of such great worth that people will flock to you to receive it?

Learn: What is your value? Are you underselling your value in the way you speak to others? Do you feel apologetic and offer too many discounts – thus discounting the value of your services and products?

Act: Be determined that what you have is of worth. Be excited to discuss all of the value others will get from your services and products instead of feeling you have to discount them to get business.

Share: There will be opportunities for you to volunteer your time and services, and you will know when those times are appropriate and give freely from the heart.


One thought on “Free Cup of Coffee and a Mercedes Benz

  1. Very well done Pete. I know in the early days of real estate I would often discount my commission. It was soon forgotten about and I was expected to give more. I turned myself into a door mat by discounting my service.

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