Two Months to the Big 4-0

You are kidding no one …

by Pete Ferguson

What do (or did) you want to accomplish by age 40?

I remember as a kid thinking 40 was “up there.” Like close to retirement.

A friend’s mom had an all black funeral party and placed a bumper sticker on the back of her van:

40 Isn’t Old if You Are A Tree

On Tuesday I realized that as of yesterday, I’m in the two month countdown to 40 years of age. I’ve been planning for my midlife crisis for some time. No affairs (I’m lucky enough that Steph said “yes”). No silly haircuts (I have no hair). No ear piercings or tattoos (yet).

But I’m in the best physical shape of the last two decades and I will be under 200 lbs by September. Went through the carb withdrawals yesterday and today. I will also run a 5k – perhaps a 10.

Financially we are in great shape. No debt but a house loan which we will refinance to a 10-year fixed later this summer, but plan to pay in 3-4 years with Steph’s income and all extra money from bonuses, workshops, stock, etc. If I die, Steph is a millionaire and then some. Pool boys a plenty. If I die while on business travel, she’ll be really loaded and can have two pool boys – and a pool!

I bought a Jaguar earlier this year, so that is my sports car for now. I’ll write a blog on “Why You Should Drive a Jag Instead of a Ford Taurus” soon. It’s a good story about working with someone to get what you want and includes fast food, a late Monday evening, a great wife, knowing what you want, and tapping into all of the bargaining skills I picked up with street vendors in Asia.

My kids are all very healthy, talented, and we have a lot of fun. I’m excited what the next 18 years will bring before we are empty nesters. (Now that seems an eternity away, but will likely fly by).

I’ve done all of the stuff – stuff. I like stuff, especially electronics, but I’ve gotten over having to have the greatest and latest.

I’ve traveled the world – for work. Want to do it again – for fun and with Steph.

What were your 40’s dreams? Did you accomplish them, will you accomplish them?

Happy Friday!


Learn: Read all you can, talk to great and talented  people. Surround yourself with people you want to be like.

Act: In ten years from now you will be the same person except for the books you read and the people you meet. Pick up some books, plan great travel, meet great people.

Share: Dreams not written or shared remain wishes. Dreams with a plan become paradise.

Photos downloaded from this website.


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