Lift Where You Stand – Why Waiting For Tomorrow May Be Too Late

The key to making a change in our lives is to start now

by Pete Ferguson

The key to lifting a heavy obstacle is to start today, where you stand

“Some years ago in a church in Darmstadt, Germany, a group of men were asked to move a grand piano from the chapel to an adjoining room, where it was needed for a musical event.

None were professional movers, and the task of getting that gravity-friendly instrument through the chapel and into the hall seemed nearly impossible.

The volunteers were repositioned by strength, height, and age over and over again—nothing worked.

As they stood around the piano, uncertain of what to do next, one spoke up. He said, “Brethren, stand close together and lift where you stand.”

It seemed too simple. Nevertheless, each lifted where he stood, and the piano rose from the ground and moved into the cultural hall as if on its own power. That was the answer to the challenge. They merely needed to stand close together and lift where they stood.” (1)

At work this past week, our CIO spoke of the importance to start making small changes now – failing, yes – learning as we move forward and not waiting until everything is “perfect” to implement a plan.

He spoke of complexity of computer programming and that as a project is built, the code written could fill the pages of a New York City phone book (those big yellow things now extinct). Once released, it is very difficult to go back and make big changes if the competitive market has changed in the 8-12 months it took to ramp the project up.

This reminded me of the recent announcement by Apple that all programming is now written for mobile devices first. If successful, features and programs are later implemented at the desktop operating level.

This allows for rapid deployment of features which can be tested and gauged for acceptance in a low-cost, low-risk environment prior to incurring time and expense to push to a more complicated desktop environment.

As I look at projects for work and personal projects around this website and my personal plans I am further encouraged that the best time to start is immediately. There will be time to make course corrections along the way.

“Fail forward fast”

~ Miami Dolphins Coach Cam Cameron (2)

Two weeks ago I had talked about the importance of setting a deadline of Monday at 5:30 pm. I had also talked about one of my goals that would be a surprise. I am pleased to announce that I accomplished that goal and I will be revealing what it is tomorrow.

What dreams lie in wait on your “to do” list?

Learn: What have you been procrastinating? What can you do to “get ‘r done” today, or by next Monday at 5:30 pm?

Act: A goal without a plan is a wish. What steps need to be taken to accomplish your goal? The first one is to write them down, then accomplish one of them today.

Share: As you discuss your plans and needed resources with others, you further commit yourself and you also find resources you were not aware existed in your own backyard.


Photo: Lift Where You Stand by `jasinski on

Photo: Strength Coach Needed “If you can’t remove a tab, then don’t bother contacting me. I do not want any posers.”

(1) Story adapted from “Lift Where You Stand,” President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor of First Presidency of the LDS Church.

(2) “Fail, Forward, Fast” Coach Cam Cameron of the Miami Dolphins, Published: Aug. 9, 2007 at 04:45 p.m.


8 thoughts on “Lift Where You Stand – Why Waiting For Tomorrow May Be Too Late

  1. Hi again! I’ve implemented what you’ve been blogging about into my own life over the last 10-days & it’s left me feeling better about all my major accomplishments over the last month as a whole….And it doesn’t even bother me that the other “to-do’s” didn’t all get done! I feel a good sense of advancement & accomplishment for all the things I DID push myself to succeed in getting done–and that’s worth more than any procrastination attempt at taking things more safely could’ve ever done. Thanks again Pete! Later!

    • Thanks for your kind feedback. I’m looking at doing a teleconference version in August. I’m curious how many people would be interested. $269 for eight hours on the phone, an additional 1 hour one-on-one review. Includes a full 48 Days Workshop kit with the workbook, 48 Days book, Personality Profile, and other items.

      I’m integrating Dan’s material with my own experience as someone who has been able to get interviews but ultimately made my transition within my current company. During my search process, I also met with other career coach’s and professional resume/interview firms and have incorporated their material into my workshop.

      Best of luck in your search!

      • Hi! Unfortunately, Pete, I can’t swing the $269 right now (because I’m REALLY in a pinch with my budget for the next couple of months while I seek employment.) But I will try to keep this Program in mind for later on–especially the 48 Days Workshop, Personality Profile, etc.

        Applying this basic format to my career-shift over the last month has had very good results–but it was also costly (obviously none of these career-builders that I pursued which greatly improved my resume, were free!)

        Yet, despite all these “sudden expenses,” I wouldn’t change any of this past month’s Testing experiences except I would’ve started them a LOT sooner! It proved to be VERRRY rewarding! It feels great to now be able to discuss my rapid advancement in CDL qualifications in just the last few weeks, with prospective employers and Personnel Assistants.

        I’ll watch your blog periodically for additional blogs, events & info. Thanks again, Pete. Later! 🙂

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