Fun Friday – Unintended Consequences REVISITED

Sign at my gym several weeks ago …

by Pete Ferguson

If you’ve been following my blog for several weeks, you may recall the sign from my gym that I highlighted as having unintended consequences.

As is common with signs, 100% of the population has to endure reading it – the 1% to whom it applies to ignore it – and it breeds mistrust and creates a low-trust environment and is generally just, well, annoying and insulting.

I’m not sure if someone else caught my blog – or if it is just pure coincidence – but this morning I saw a new sign in its place which I have inserted below.

New sign is just as creepy and continues to instill mistrust

I’m not sure I’m really any more comfortable with the new sign – once again it pertains to 1-2 people, but now goes the opposite direction.

The first sign gave the illusion that maybe there were hidden cameras or that someone is watching me in the locker room looking for a thief.

The second tells me that maybe there is a problem with other members of the gym taking photos of me.

Leaves me creeped out and confused either way. And since I did take the first photo (it is on a wall OUTSIDE of the locker room, no risk of photographing something inappropriate), now I’m wondering if I am the 1%? 

Given that my photograph and my name are on the blog, however, I would hope someone would email or approach me rather than assault the entire male population with the new sign.

It’s Friday, so this blog is brief, and the words are now concluded. Enjoy some more signs found when I searched “stupid signs” in Google. Talk to you on Monday!

Funny since the kids are watching Pixar’s “Incredibles” at the moment …



One thought on “Fun Friday – Unintended Consequences REVISITED

  1. What gym do you go to? Thanks for the laugh. The pic about the help desk is particularly relevant at the moment.

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