Don’t Be Afraid to Do Your Own Thing

What dreams are waiting for your final season

that should be let out to explore today?

by Pete Ferguson

Today on the home page of WordPress, the following stats were listed:

“The best of 391,272 bloggers, 908,645 new posts, 1,708,744 comments, & 222,610,093 words posted today on”


Isn’t it great that I (hopefully) have something worth saying enough for you to read these 360 words!

Amidst the sea of words, there is always room for one more person to add in their two cents. Rant, rave, review, scourge, praise, or simply comment. What makes you uniquely – well, you – is what people want to read about, reflect upon, and internalize.

I took the picture of these three rebel leaves on Sunday – June 24 – up a canyon where the temperature was 20 degrees cooler than in the valley. I think it is a bit early for orange, but this trio apparently does not. And more power to them.

As I look out at all of the many different business opportunities and options we have as a consumer, I’m glad we do not live in a world prescribed by Henry Ford when the first Model T came out – “you can order it in any color so long as the color is black” – I believe is the quote.

But Ford likely did not know that with his limiting concept of the world needing to canvased in black Model T’s – gave birth to the aftermarket auto parts industry turning countless bored employees into entrepreneurs providing not only colors other than black, but every conceivable add on, improvement, and modification to fuel a multi-billion dollar industry strong and vibrant today.

What is your voice and how are you planning to express it? No need to wait until retirement or “someday.” Be like my three orange friends and sprout early! Seize today as “the” day!

Learn: What dreams and passions are within you begging to get out that you keep telling to “wait for the right season?”

Act: Surround yourself with books, blogs, and other people who share your passion.

Share: Continue to talk to anyone who will listen. You will make connections. You will feel good to let your bottled up orange out!


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