What Are You Going To Do To Be Remarkable?

The new generation exiting high school and college this year does not care as much about a company’s 401k, medical benefits, or other perks as you do. What they want is to be remarkable. 

Stand Out From The Crowd (Mark Anthony Ferguson, Age 8)

by Pete Ferguson

Everyone wants to be somebody special. It is inherent in our DNA. I’ve traveled the world and come into contact with tens of thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of people. According to LinkedIn, I’m connected to 2,832,028+ professionals. 

So what?

I still am most impressed with me, just as you are most likely impressed with you. Or at least you should be!

Within life we want to fit in, find our tribe, but ultimately, what drives us is our ability to be the best thing we know how to be – ourselves. And we want to be remarkable.

Not everyone appreciates your efforts to be remarkable. In fact, most people don’t.

So what? Most people are ostriches, heads in the sand, unable to help you anyway.

Your goal isn’t to please everyone. Your goal is to please those that actually speak up, spread the word, buy new things or hire the talented.” ~ Seth Godin

What remarkable items can you add to someone’s resume?

So as an employer, what are you offering your customers, clients, and employees that is remarkable? As an employee or entrepreneur, what’s remarkable about your company or product to keep doing what you are doing?

I recently was speaking to a group of like minded professionals when it dawned on me that the way to attract the new generation is to lay all the cards on the table up front. Be clear – I’m hiring you for your attitude. I’ll teach you what you need to know.

In fact, I plan to go so far as to present them with what their resume will look like after two years.

Remark – able? I trust it will be. I haven’t ever found another job listing that will tell me what my resume will look like after leaving their employ.

Regardless of where you are today, you have a customer base. It may be fellow accountants, police officers, the public at large, inmates, your boss, yourself. Whatever your customer base, you owe it to them and to yourself to be remarkable.

Learn: What sets you apart as uniquely you? Take a personality profile by clicking on this link to help you clarify what makes you uniquely you.

Act: Join a tribe by subscribing to a newsletter or blog of like minded individuals. You’ll be the same person today in ten years except for the people you meet and the stuff you read.

Share: Once you’ve found your tribe, talkback often. It will help you to clarify your thoughts and positions.

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