June Year’s Resolutions – Time to Put Away the Tree

by Pete Ferguson

Are your Christmas decorations still up? I mean, let’s be really honest – do you have remnants still lingering to be put away? I’m not talking about the lights on your house – you might as well let those just stay until next year.

Two weeks ago we talked to a neighbor who just barely put away her tree. She had removed the main decorations, but the lights and some decorations had stayed up until just a few weeks back.

What about your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you packed those up until next January as well? Hopefully they didn’t get put away before the tree this year!

How do you ensure success? Each person has to find their particular niche, but here are clues I’ve seen in others and myself:

Time to shut off the TV and get off the couch!!

  1. Write it down, refer to it often. The power of the pen to paper creates a psychological bond stronger than speech or typing. You can type a final copy, but go analogue first.
  2. Tell others. Commit your goal verbally and you have accountability and hopefully a support group to help you accomplish your goals.
  3. Get a coach. I’ve lost 30 lbs in the past two years and did it through a fitness coach. I paid a lot of money, I paid even more in sweat and hard work. And they were both worth it because now I can go on a hike or bike ride with my kids and not feel 100 years old.
  4. Break out of normal routines. Do anything you can to do something different. Attack your goal through reading, writing, doing, watching, experimenting. The more senses you engage, the better result you will have.
Goals serve as a stimulus to life.
They tend to tap the deeper sersources and draw out of life its best.
Where there are no goals, neither will there be significant accomplishments.
There will only be existence!
~ Anonymous

Author, Career Coach Dan Miller

A month ago I attended Coaching With Excellence hosted by master Career & Life Coach, Dan Miller. I met with 50 other budding coaches and learned the key to a successful business and how to help myself and others through the art of coaching.

Here are my goals, and I’m happy to report I’m tracking nicely:

  • Blog at least 4 days a week
  • Make a decision to keep or change my website name – www.LearnActShare.com
  • Find out how to monazite products on the site
  • Kick off 48Days Workshop with a free preview
  • Become an endorsed coach by completing 40 hours of paid coaching

Points #1 and 2 are evidenced by you reading this blog. The next three I will be launching shortly!

Learn: What do you want to accomplish by this time next year? How will it feel? Who do you need around you to make it happen? What kind of financial, emotional, and time commitments are you willing to invest?

Act: If you are tracking well, CONGRATULATIONS!!! If you never made an action plan, today is the day! December 31st is only going to keep getting closer. Create a written plan on how to accomplish what is needed to be done.

Share: Yep, tell anyone who will listen and engage their help. Ignore the detractors. They still have their Christmas decorations up, no need to listen to them. The more people tell you it can’t be done, the more you need to be resolved it MUST be done.


Source: Flickr.com


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