Keep Living the Good Life!

Use Your Fine China Often and Live A Happy Life

by Pete Ferguson

Last night after dinner we started a fire and found a new favorite treat, Reece’s Peanut Butter S’mores. Just like it sounds, two graham crackers, one peanut butter cup, and one very hot marshmallow. Complete perfection.

While the fire was burning down to coals and we waited for the wind to subside, first we had another of our favorites, a Boston Tea Party. We purchased a very nice black polka-dot china when we were in Boston, and we make our kids recite what happened many years ago as we make hot chocolate, herbal tea, and set out some cookies.

Well sugared and chocolate stained, our kids then brushed their teeth and set off for bed.

While creating a good career is important, finding balance is even more important. I won’t remember the meetings I need to attend this week in 20 years most likely, but I will remember the peanut butter S’mores.

And my kids will too.

Learn: What were your favorite childhood memories? Have you passed them on to your kids or others?

Act: Be spontaneous, do something out of the ordinary with your family and friends.

Share: Write in your journal, send an email to your folks, do something to share the joy – then you get to relive the great moments at least twice, just as I have.


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