The Power of Silence – Just Be

by Pete Ferguson

Fridays I am going to reserve for less formal posts which will be of a more personal, or humorous, or off-the-wall approach. I hope you come along for the ride and get something out of it for you.

Sunrise at Walden Pond

Do you ever have those times or days when life is happening all around you and you hit the proverbial 100% overload? Ironic that all of the technology which was supposed to consolidate tasks, free up our lives, simplify tasks and allow us more time to “just be” seems to instead – at times when we allow it – consume us entirely.

I was given wise counsel a long time ago to make time for relaxation. At the time I was 19, I wanted to conquer the word. I didn’t see meditation as a means to that end. But the counsel was written down and has stuck with me. It caused me to take up yoga and inspires me from time to time to turn off the radio on the way to work, roll down the windows, and just be.

This morning I took the opportunity to allow for silence. Now understand that I am a bit ADHD. I don’t do well just sitting still, and that is probably the reasoning behind the counsel I received by a very wise and trusted individual in my late teens.

So it is painful to be silent.

To be calm.

To just breath in fresh air.

To hear the birds chirping. The sprinker system sustaining life. The cars. The joggers talking.

But eventually, when I stop looking for a point, I find the point. That blessed moment of enlightenment when the subconscious is able to bring forward the stuff that sits on the back burner and needs to be attended to from time to time. As Covey describes it, the “important, but not urgent.”

I know I’ve arrived as the muscles on my face begin to relax and my eyes turn upwards. The muscles in my chest relax and I am now a human. And I’m just “being.”

One of my favorite passages found in scripture is the following:

Be Still, and know that I am God

~ Psalms 46:10

Its simplicity speaks volumes. It ceases all the “but …” statements. It’s power is understated yet massive.

When life gets overwhelming, and the “to do” list seems too much, this simple statement: “be still” – and of course the required work to actually just stop, breath, and be – have yet to fail me.

And when the calm finally rests down upon me, my mind opens and peace settles in. And I feel whole again. And I am able to review the “to do” list and quickly prioritize, or just choose to let it sit for some time while I do something that I will remember when I’m 95 and reflecting on life.

The eternal memories. Play with my children. Sit and relax. Write. Read. Invest in myself. Invest in others.

I love this time of year because the weather is perfect. There is no school and the neighborhood is quiet. It is a renewal time for me to enjoy and love life. To renew and replenish.

I have a great deal of company in my house;
especially in the morning, when nobody calls.

~ David Thoreau, Solitude

Have a great weekend, and just be.

P.S. I’ve attached the words to a song that hit me as I was traveling the world and missing out on what was really important at home. It has been a bit of a theme song for me really, I hope you enjoy it.

Lyrics to Just Be, Tiesto:

You can travel the world but you can’t run away
from the person you are in your heart
you can be who you want to be
make us believe in you
keep all your light in the dark
if your searching for truth
you must look in the mirror
and make sense of what you can seejust be
just be

they say learning to love yourself
is the first step
that you take when you want to be real
and flying on planes to exotic locations
won’t teach you how you really feel
face up to the fact that you are who you are
and nothing can change that belief

just be
just be

cause now i know it’s not so far to where i go
the hardest part
is inside me
i need to just be

i was lost and i’m still lost but i feel so much better


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