Inspire Men To Build Businesses To Teach Others To Fish And You Change The World!

We’ve all heard the saying “give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” It is a good saying, it has a concrete foundation which cannot be argued (unless the man in question lives in the middle of the desert, in which case the man is now upset at you for a lifetime and is wishing for more fish). But I always felt the saying left something really important off, somehow left the man still uneccesarily reliant upon the simple act of fishing for all fulfillment.

As I went through a painful growth period in my life, I was in urgent need of relearning how to fish – I needed a career change, or a change in my attitutde towards my career – and fast! I had some extended time off and I spent it listening to, and reading, inspirational and motivational material. Somewhere in the midst of hundreds of hours of material, mostly with Dan Miller’s podcast (, it struck me that what was trapped inside me so desperately trying to get out was the need to help others find and pursue their passion.

And one day it struck me. What is missing from the fishing saying is a third line – “inspire men to open a business to teach others to fish – and in turn to open their own businesses – and you will change the village, the surrounding area, and the world!”

I have since transitioned into a role with the responsibility to train hundreds of entry level employees on how to become professionals and on the side I have begun to work with individuals on not just seeing the forest through the trees – most of my clients have been out of work for a very long time. They are so fixated on the dirt that they didn’t know there was a tree in front of them. It is extremely rewarding and what I am working to do as my life’s greatest contribution full time in the future.

One of my goals in 2012 to get me there is to teach a six-week course on “48 Days to the Work You Love” in Utah. I have laid out the plan, am awaiting funding to kick it off, and have scheduled additional training for myself to ensure I am honed up on my presentation skills.

What is your life’s passion? What are you really good at? If you are like I was at first, and the two do not seem to match up, dig a little deeper and find a connection. Throw me a real challenge in the comments section below and I’ll give it a shot.

Learn: Take a time out to write down what your true passion is. What would you do the rest of your life if money was no object?

Act: Commit to read a book, book a lunch with an expert in the field you want to persue, and persue a few goals that will help you get to where you want to be – with timelines!

Share: Start talking to as many people as will listen to your dream. I’m amazed at the resources I’ve found right around me, and from a stranger (now friend) I met on an airplane.


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